CFP – Bodies in Movement

Bodies in MovementBodies in Movement: Intersecting Discourses of Materiality in the Sciences and the Arts

The University of Edinburgh, UK, May 28-29 2011

The last two decades have witnessed a turn both to materiality and movement in critical, social and feminist theory. However, theorists of politics and movement often ignore the materiality of the body that moves – and theorists of embodiment and material life sometimes forget the fluidity of physical existence. Bodies are always already in movement: embodied processes are subject to both the numerous biological and chemical functions of materiality, as well as the theoretical and social mechanisms of material subjectivity. Recent feminist and critical theorists have attempted to unite these analogous although separate spheres by interchangeably engaging with philosophical theories of embodiment and movement and scientific disciplines such as neuroscience, quantum physics and biotechnology. This two-day interdisciplinary conference positions itself in this shift: it aims to investigate the theoretical/scientific/political/social/cultural/literary/ virtual spaces where embodied processes occur.

The organisers warmly welcome proposals for 20-minute presentations or 90-minute panels from established scholars, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students from any backgrounds in the Humanities, for example literature, media and art studies as well as philosophy, history of science, and critical and cultural theory. Interdisciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged. Abstracts of 250-300 words should be submitted to by Monday 31st January 2011. The abstract should also include a 50-word biographical note and AV requests.

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