CFP-In and out of sexual democracies-Rome 28-29 May

The conference is promoted by Facciamobreccia.
This year, Rome will be the seat of the forthcoming Europride
parade. Italy represents a scenario featuring very peculiar conditions for
the LGBT community: LGBT people are granted no rights but, nonetheless,
homonormativity and homonationalism are becoming central drives in Italian
mainstream LGBT movement and are somehow encouraged by institutions.
Facciamo Breccia is an anti-fascist independent radical collective,
gathering mainly feminist, lesbians, gay, transsexuals and queer
activists. From 2005 the collective has been devoted mainly to promote
actions against the Vatican interferences on politics  – that translate into
strict and widespread social control on bodies and life choices – affirming
the self-determination of women and LGBT people. We acknowledge secularism
is a very critical issue in a social and political scenario feeding
anti-islamic feelings but as activists living in a strongly catholic
country we also acknowledge the need to articulate our struggle against
the Vatican interference with an anti-fascist and anti-racist approach.
The conference we are promoting wants to stress a critic to
homonationalism and homonormativity trying to open a transnational debate
among subjects from different backgrounds on the occasion of the
Europride, which is itself a very problematic demonstration.
I invite you to read the conference call.

We would be pleased if you can forward the call to your networks and
promote participation.

For further information on our collective I invite you to read the
political call for one of our last demonstrations against the Vatican.

Titti Castiello
Facciamobreccia, Italy

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