Gender Sex and Sexualities: A Day of Provocations, Friday 23 September, Registrations Now Open

You are warmly invited to Durham University’s first interdisciplinary research day on Gender, Sex and Sexualities, organised by the Gender and Sexuality Research Network with the support of the Centre for Medical Humanities.

Gender, sex and sexualities research continues to represent a critical interface between public and private lives, and is central to our understanding and negotiation of culture, ideology and agency.

The research day is conceptualised around four themes: relating; cultures and media; ways of knowing; and resistance, friction and fluidity. Each session comprises brief presentations – or ‘provocations’ – followed by 40 minutes of discussion and debate. By insisting that presentations are short and organising sessions thematically we are aiming to create the context for pithy, edgy, provocative presentations which tackle substantive issues in the field of gender, sex and sexualities and set the tone for lively ongoing interaction.

Full details of the programme are available here.

Unfortunately registration for this event has closed as the venue is at capacity. However, if you would like to go on the waiting list and keep updated with news on Gender, Sex and Sexuality research at Durham, please email us.

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One Response to Gender Sex and Sexualities: A Day of Provocations, Friday 23 September, Registrations Now Open

  1. sylviegambaudo says:

    It has been a year since we launched the Gender and Sexuality Research Network here at Durham. The ‘Provocations’ event felt very much like a one year anniversary and given the convivial feel on the day (no, it wasn’t just the wine), like a celebration of all research gendered and sexualised.

    One year on and it was a pleasure to see so much vitality and joyfulness shared during the day of ‘Provocations’. There is no doubt that a big part of that positive energy was a direct consequence of opening the Network to colleagues from other Institutions. So, thank you to those who travelled to Durham and shared their enthusiasm with us and yes! Let us do this again sometime this academic year.

    We announced our current project to have a Research Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexuality, here at Durham, a Centre that would allow us to organise more events like this one, focused on gender, sexuality, feminism, diversity, equality… I was personally very moved by what came out of our ‘What next?’ session’, the many requests that, whether Network or Centre, the project should be about ‘people’. Yes, there is the REF, there is prestige, funding, competition, promotion… but these should not overshadow the fact that our work is about real people, fully fleshed human beings who want to do the research they do and hope to find support on the way.

    And since I mentioned support, I want to finish with thanking a few people for the energy they put in the Network this year. Their trust, help and encouragements have been invaluable. In alphabetical order: Lucille Cairns, Neil Cobb, Eric Baumgartner, Simon Forrest, Maggie O’Neil, Matthew Ratcliffe and last but not least Angela Woods. And for their financial support: The Institute for Advanced Studies, the Philosophy Department, the School of Law and the Centre for Medical Humanities. Thank you all.

    I look forward to seeing you for more this academic year…


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