Durham Feminism is looking for actors

Durham Feminism intend to hold one performance of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ as part of the V-Day campaign on Tuesday the 13th March 2012 in Empty Shop (Durham).

If you want to take part, the group is looking for:

*PERFORMERS: we need a minimum of 5 performers but there is no maximum! It really doesn’t matter if you’ve never acted before- I can’t emphasise enough that this is NOT about putting on a perfectly polished theatrical piece, but rather it’s about taking part, getting involved, having fun, raising awareness, raising funds for some very worthwhile causes and so on! Eleanor Ross, with experience of directing play pieces before, has offered to direct the performance for us and will be there to offer support and guidance throughout (including, of course, practice rehearsals). There are a range of different monologues in the script (available on the Vspot site- please see below about signing up to be a team member for the event to get access to the scripts) for you to look through and see if there are any you’d particularly like to do.

*PUBLICITY CREW: we need someone (or several people) willing to help with advertising the event. This might include things such as designing/printing posters; distributing posters/information (including perhaps to local newspapers, the university newspaper, online blogs/groups that might be interested, university departments) etc.

*BENEFICIARY/MONEY MEDIATION CREW: we need someone (or several people) who can mediate between the beneficiary (that is, the group or groups that we will be donating our profits to) and us (the organisers/event team). As part of the rules for holding the event, one objective needs to be raising money (10% of our profits need to go to the Spotlight cause of Women and Girls of Haiti and the other 90% of profit needs to go to a local group that works to end violence against women- one suggestion so far is Tyneside Rape Crisis). This role, then, requires you to consider and work with issues such as ticketing, donations, costs (for advertising, venue) and so on.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NEXT IF YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE: Before midday on Friday the 20th January, you need to have emailed me (abigail.mc-niven@durham.ac.uk) with the following details: a) what activity/activities you would like to be involved with: performance; publicity; beneficiary-money mediation (you can be involved with several aspects if you like) b) an email address you’d prefer to be contacted on I will then sign you up to the Vspot ‘hub’ as a member of the event team so that you can access resources such as the script (you will receive an email and you will be able to log in via http://vspot.vday.org/ if you follow the instructions in the email). Once everyone who wants to be is signed up to the group on Vspot; we can arrange for meetings for the various different activities roles involved and start to really make this happen!

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One Response to Durham Feminism is looking for actors

  1. Abi says:

    Hi all,
    Just to add a couple of comments to this- we’re actually hoping to put on a 2nd performance on the following day (so aiming for showings on thr 13th and 14th March 2012); if you’d like to be involved, ignore the deadline for getting involved in the main post- but please do try and in contact with me as soon as possible as there’s plenty to organise!

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