Help wanted for conference on ‘Youth & Sex’

Dear All

I am trying to pull together a conference on youth and sex / sexual well-being in the 21st century (provisional title). There is a tremendous amount of practitioner and policy maker interest in the subject, including the ex Labour Health Minister (Ann Keen), several of the London based LGBTQ organisations and many organisations working with young sexually exploited people. I see the conference as a one day, possibly two day session that pulls together academics, practitioners and policy makers to address one question: what can sexual well-being mean for young people in the 21st century? I would like to get together a panel of people to help me think through the conference, figure out ways to maximise the impact of it and then do the actual organising of it. I do not have strong views on whether the conference should be a series of invited speakers with discussion, round table or parallel sessions with papers. I also do not have a view on whether it should take place up here, London, etc. So, getting involved now is your chance to help shape the conference.

It may be that the conference is part of the activities of the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities and thus this email will be going out to Centre members as well.

Any interested people? Please email me directly. If we get sufficient numbers of people to help, it will not be a huge burden for any one individual.


Prof Jo Phoenix

Criminology, SASS
Durham University
Elvet Riverside II
New Elvet
Tel: 0191 334 2923 (wk)

(email at

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