Sexuality, Gender Identity and Faith

Sexuality, Gender Identity and Faith

Gender & Law At Durham (GLAD)

Monday 11th June 2012, 10.30am – 6pm

Joachim Room, St. Hild & Bede College, Durham University

This one day event funded and hosted by Gender & Law at Durham (GLAD) will bring together academic and non-academic speakers to offer new insights into the lived experiences of LGBT people of faith, and the issues involved in fostering greater cohesion between LGBT and faith communities.

We are particularly excited to bring together investigators from two major empirical projects in this area. Professor Yvette Taylor and Dr. Ria Snowdon (London South Bank University) will present findings from a new ESRC funded project “Making Space for Queer Identifying Religious Youth” (2011- ) and Dr. Sarah-Jane Page (Aston University) will draw on research from the AHRC/ESRC funded project “Religion, Youth and Sexuality: A Multi-faith Exploration” (2009-11).

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Yvette Taylor and Dr. Ria Snowdon (Sociology, London South Bank University): “Making Space for Queer Identifying Religious Youth”
  • Sarah-Jane Page (Theology, Aston University): “LGBT Religious Youth: A Multi-faith Exploration of Perceptions, Attitudes and Experiences”
  • Gerard Loughlin (Theology, Durham University): “Queering the Bible”
  • Rusi Jaspal (Social Psychology, Nottingham University): “Resisting Homophobic Social Representations: A Social Psychological Study of British South Asian Gay Men”
  • Matthew Gibson (Law, Liverpool University): “Faith versus Sexuality in the Workplace: Legal Perspectives on Religious Accommodation”

Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the day.

The event is free, but registration is required and places are limited. To book a place, contact

For more information about the event, contact the organiser Neil Cobb at

The seminar website can be found here:

Gender and Law at Durham (GLAD) supports, develops and enhances research and teaching in the broad field of Law & Gender, primarily in the Law School, but also across Durham University as a whole. It provides an institutional framework for the production, dissemination and support of scholarship and teaching in Law & Gender.

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