31 October – Men Understanding Health

Qualitative Health Research Group

‘Men understanding health’
Prof Steve Robertson
Leeds Metropolitan University

Wednesday 31 October, 1212 @ 12.00
Wolfson Research Institute, room F009

While research on lay perspectives of health now has a well
established history, specific empirical data on male lay perspectives
of health and wellbeing are largely absent. Drawing on focus
group data and indepth interviews with 20 lay men (including sub
samples of gay men and disabled men), and seven health profes
sionals, this discussion explores how the men conceptualized
‘health’ and the gendered nature of such conceptualizations. Spe
cific emphasis is given to considering notions of ‘control’ and
‘release’, and the associated issues of ‘risk’ and ‘responsibility’, in
the participants’ health narratives. A conceptual model for under
standing ‘masculinity’ and ‘health’ is presented.

We will begin at 12 noon with sandwiches and coffee;

Please contact Sally Brown to confirm your attendance. s.r.brown@durham.ac.uk

The Qualitati ve Health Research Group is supported by the Wolfson Research Ins tute.

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