Gender, Sex and Sexualities: A Day of Provocations


8.30     Arrival and coffee

8.45     Welcome and Introduction

9.00     Session 1: Relating

Chair: Angela Woods (Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University)

‘Feel the love’: Talking about love in the context of education about sex and relationships
Simon Forrest (School of Medicine & Health, Durham University)

The ethics and legality of polygamy
Liz McKinnell (Philosophy, Durham University)

Fin-de-Siécle Fiction and the Making of Male Bonds
Simon James (English, Durham University)

Women, Marriage, and Selfhood: Why do women change their names?
Rachel Thwaites (Centre for Women’s Studies, York)

Sleeping in the same bed with your interviewee: Sexual constraints of a queer fieldwork
Konstantinos Eleftheriadis (Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute)

10.30   Coffee

11.00   Session 2: Cultures and Media

Chair: Sylvie Gambaudo (Philosophy, Durham University)

The importance of ancient Rome in constructing Western homosexual identities
Jennifer Ingleheart (Classics & Ancient History, Durham University)

Getting to the Meat of the Matter: Feminist Theory, Carnal Curiosity, and the Question of Corporeal Consumption
Rosemary Deller (School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, University of Manchester)

Of Bears and (Six) Packs: The Embodiment of male homosexuality in Spanish Cinema of the 2000s
Santiago Fouz-Hernández (School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University)

Media Representations of Virginity in Jordan: Sites of Hegemony and Resistance
Ebtihal Mahadeen (Centre for Women’s Studies, York)

“Resist Psychic Death”: Towards a theorisation of music in feminist activisms
Julia Downes (School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University)

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Session 3: Ways of Knowing

Chair: Neil Cobb (Law, Durham University)

Ethics and Male Genital Cutting
Claudia Merli (Anthropology, Durham University)

Masculinity, embodiment and bodywork in dementia care
Sarah Campbell (Dementia and Ageing Research Team, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester)

Will boys be Boys- Masculinity and the Youth Justice System in England and Wales
Eric Baumgartner (School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University)

A Difficult Interaction? Studying Religion and Sexuality
Sarah-Jane Page (Theology & Religion, Durham University)

Searching for the “straight gene”: the genetic narrative of sexuality
Lisa Matthews (PEALS Research Institute, Newcastle)

3.00     Coffee

3.30     Session 4: Resistance, Friction, Fluidity

Chair: Simon Forrest (School of Medicine & Health, Durham University)

Gender in Theology and Religious Studies in Higher Education
Sonya Sharma (Theology & Religion, Durham University)

Feminist Mental Health Activism and the Greater London Council’s Women’s Committee (GLCWC), 1982-1986
Mark Cresswell (School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University)

Fluidity and Changeability in Gender, Sexuality and Society: Smith’s Girl Meets Boy as an Adaptation of Ovid’s Met. 9.666-797
Lauren Knifton (Classics & Ancient History, Durham)

Masculinity Beyond the Male Body
Amanda Conroy (Gender Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science)

Feminist academics: killjoys, unhappy, dissident? An approach to the notion of feminist in Sara Ahmed
Jeannette Silva-Flores (Sociology, Warwick)

5.00     Session 5: Future directions, opportunities, challenges

Chairs: Simon Forrest & Angela Woods

An open session for discussion about next steps,  including the development of the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities at Durham.

6.00     (Self-funded) Dinner, venue to be advised

Registration for this event has now closed. If you would like to put your name on the waiting list, and be advised of future developments in the areas of Gender Sex and Sexualities at Durham, please email us.


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