Gendered Futures

As part of an interdisciplinary conference taking place at Durham this weekend, there will be a session on ‘Gendered Futures’. The conference, ‘No Future’, aims to explore disparate ways of thinking about the future; the title is a nod not only to the Sex Pistols but also to Lee Edelman’s queer polemic. The session, consisting of three twenty-minute papers followed by an open discussion, will address the interaction between modes of futurity and questions of gender. How do fantasies, utopias, dystopias, planning scenarios, apocalypses, articulate with gender – by framing, accommodating, predetermining its modalities? If we are consistently transfixed by the figurative potential of the future, then to what extent is our gaze and our figuration of it itself gendered?

The  session will take place at 11.20 a.m. on Saturday 26 March in the Debating Chamber. Full details are here.

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